Herbalife Nutrition Principles

Herbalife Nutrition Principles


To Make the World Healthier and Happier

The purpose and unique value of our Company (Herbalife Nutrition), our Independent Partners and our Employees, is to help people be more Healthy and Happy, through personalized nutrition and a proven business opportunity, contributing in our own way to a better tomorrow the globe.


Through our dedicated Independent Partners, Who Make the Difference

In addition to producing and delivering quality products that deliver on their promises, we offer our customers unique values such as Knowledge, Encouragement, Respect, Support, Care, Teamwork and an amazing Business Opportunity. These values are what our Independent Partners really promote. We are guided by their needs and we get energy from their passion.


To Create Results That Inspire A Better Life

With effective products that taste great, with our Independent Partners providing guidance all the way, with the support of an entire company of enthusiastic employees and a supportive community of people, we can offer people around the world a simpler and an easy way to a more healthy and happy life.


  • We Always Do The Right Thing
  • Cooperate
  • We are improving
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